Minibus Availability

Below you can find insturctions on how to view the minibus calendar to check minibus availability. Anyone external can check the availability by emailing


For University Staff/Students...

To view through Outlook To view through Webmail
  • Go to your Calendar View
  • Click Open Calendar from the toolbar and select Open Shared Calendar...
  • In the window that appears, type '' and click OK
  • The calendar should now show up for you and show up in your list of Shared Calendars
  • To remove right click the calendar under the Shared Calednars list and scelect Delete Calendar
  • Login to your email through Webmail
  • Click on the calendar icon in the title menu in the bottom left hand corner
  • Click Add Calendar option on the left hand column
  • Scelect Add from directory menu and enter ''
  • Select the desired calendar from the list, then choose Add.
  • The calendar will be added to your list of calendars on the left of the page
  • To remove, click the three dots next the the calendar in your list and scelect Remove