Club/Soc Emails

Accessing Club/Soc Emails

To access through a desktop device: Follow the instructions here

To access through a mobile device:

  1. Download and go to the outlook app
  2. Sign in with your university email address
  3. Go to settings choose ‘Add Shared Mailbox’
  4. Type in your society email e.g.
  5. Select ‘Add Shared Mailbox’ and now you’re all sorted!


Email FAQ

How do I email my members?

To send an email to your members please refer to the 'Manage your Club/Society Webpage' Guide

How do I find my club/scieties email address?

When sending an email scelect the 'To' button and type in the name of your club/society. Otherwise contact your coordinator.

Why can't I access/don't I have permission to access my club/society email?

Email your coordinator to check you have permission.

My club/society account has expired?

Email your coordinator.





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