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Here you will find all the infromation you need to keep yourselves and your members safe.

If you are ever unsure, please contact the Opportuntites Team:


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Current Rules, Regulations & Procedures Covid Risk Assessments Room/Facility Bookings


Current Rules, Regulations & Procedures

Student group activities are able to resume in-person a inline with the new Governemnt guidelines. There are still going to be restrictions in place so please ensure you take note of the following:

  • Groups will be able to meet for organised* activitiy in groups of upto 15 indoors, or groups of 30 outdoors (numbers include committee/organisers)
  • All activities need to have an approved COVID-19 Risk Assessment in place and must be followed at all times
  • Non-household members must 2m social distancing at all times (regardless of what your NGB allows) 
  • Sports Clubs must follow their NGB Return to Play protocols
  • The attednance checklist on your MS Teams must be completed for EVERY in-person activitiy
  • Activities such as parties/socials (or any activitiy invovling alcohol) are NOT permitted under new Welsh Governemnt rules
  • These rules do not extend to beer gardens/hospitality (there areas are limited to 6 adults total and so will not be appropirate for student group socials)
  • Sports Centre facilities are open for sports clubs (see below)

*Organised activity is defined as something that is arranged by an organisation that has appropriately risk assessed the activity. This means that WE as the Students’ Union can be held accountable for any activity that clubs and societies organise, which is why it is so important that all activity is run as per your approved risk assessment.

We will be operating spot checks of student groups activities over the next four weeks to ensure compliance. We will be enforcing a ZERO tolerance approach and so if a group is found to be operating outside of these set rules then an immediate suspension will be issued.

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Covid Risk Assessments

For any student group to return to in-person activities they will need to complete a COVID-19 specific Risk Assessment for their core activities. The most up to date COVID-19 Risk Assessment template can be found here. Once complete, please send it to your relevant coordinator.


Lucie has also worked hard to create activity specific COVID-19 risk assessments for one off events that may not fall under your core activities. Please do tailor these examples to your group/activity, then send them to your relevant coordinator for approval. Lucie will be adding to these so if you feel there is an activitiy missing do get in touch!

Example activitiy specific RA's: Film Screening l Meeting l Beach Clean l Day Trip l Games Night l Social Walk l Beach Social

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Room/Facility Bookings

We are now able to start accepting room bookings. ALL room bookings needs to be made by a member of the Opportunities Team so speak to your relevant coordintaor.

Student Union Rooms

Unforutnately due to the test centre being located in the SU we are unable to offer room bookings. The test centre is set to move in the coming week or two so will make bookings available as soon as possible.

We have the following rooms available, under their respective capacities, to book in the SU:

  • Main Room (15 people)
  • Picture House (12 people)
  • Room 1 (6 people)

Bookings will be available between 9am and 7pm for this term, then when we come back in the new term hopefully we can have bookings going later. If you want the room later do get in touch and we can see what can be done to help you out.

When booking please include...

  • Your club/society name
  • The room you want
  • The name and email of the person booking
  • Date and times you want the room
  • Your expected number of attendees
  • The purpose of your booking (e.g. social, movie night, games night, etc.)

To book please email:

All groups will be expected to follow the guidance outlined above and the SU Student Spaces COVID Risk Assessment


Univeristy Rooms

University rooms are now able to be booked. For a list of rooms available and the capacities click here. All bookings need to be made via a staff member of the Opporutnties Team.

Please note: no matter what the room capacity size is, a maximum of 15 people are able to attend an organised activitiy in-doors as per governemnt guidance.  


Sports Centre

Sports Centre facilities are open for student clubs (see timetable emailed to you)

  • Capacities for each venue as follows: Cage / Dance Hall / Pool (15), 3G Pitch (30), Squash Courts (4 – 2 per court)
  • You will all be sent your revised risk assessments and procedures by Lucie. You must read these thoroughly and follow at all times

Sports Centre Protocols

  • Masks to be worn into the centre and sanitisation station to be used as you enter the building
  • One way system throughout the centre and Sports Cage
  • Toilets are single occupancy only (and masks to be worn to go to/from the toilet) – for 3G users members must NOT use the toilets, and instead should use the outdoor portaloo provided
  • No changing or showering facilities are available
  • No music to be played during sessions
  • Capacities: Cage (15), Dance Hall (15), Pool (15) and 3G/Track (30)
  • Sports Centre staff will have a copy of your RA and will be performing checks to ensure that it’s being followed
  • To book any additional sessions (at a charge of £20 per hour Monday-Friday or £30 per hour Saturday-Sunday) please email


Equipment Storage

  • Presently the Sports Centre are not allowing clubs to make use of any shared storage facility in their buildings due to risks around Covid-19 transmission (this does not include the Monkey Huts or SU Storage Rooms) so please look for alternative measures for keeping hold of your equipment for the time being


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Do check-in on this section regularly as we will constantly be updating it throughout the year!


How do I access and complete the Covid Activity Checklist? (Track and Trace Form)

The Covid Activity Checklist is available on your groups MS Team. This will act as your Track and Chase form, and has been approved by the local health board.

We would recommend downloading the MS Teams app onto your phone, that way you can easily access it when at your event and fill in everyones details.


Can I host an indoor activity at a pub or in my house?

The 15 people indoors for an organised activity does not include food/drink establishments (e.g. pubs, cafes, ect.) or houses (and other types of residential property) as these have their own restrictions. No alcohol can be present at these events either.


Can I book our annual End of Year Meal at a pub/reastaurant? Even if an establishment has approached my group?

We have spoken to the Aberystwyth Licensing Officer directly who has confirmed that it would be illegal for groups to have a social or attend a licensed premises in this manner as clearly the purpose is a gathering of more than 6. To be clear we cannot allow any Club or Society socials, Christmas parties or otherwise, to go ahead where people are in groups of four as suggested. The Licensing Officer also made it clear that following a surge in cases in Cardigan, some connected to Licensed premises, that additional enforcement Officers were being deployed to Aberystwyth and will be inspecting Aberystwyth premises more often. Any premises organising activities as described would risk a sanction or even permanently losing their license outright, the group would risk severe penalties and the organiser and individuals could be individually penalised which I’m sure no-one wants to happen.


Does the SU provide PPE/sanitising products?

University campus facilities have sanitising stations throughout, it only tends to be when going off campus you will need to obtain sanitising products. We are not able to supply PPE/sanitising products so please use your club/soc funds to purchase these where you feel necessary/as per your risk assessments. Do see the COVID committee training for information around products that are effective against covid.


How do I obtain a temperature gun?

We are hiring out temeprature guns if you require them as per your NGB. They are also avaialble to groups who want to use it as an additional safety measure. They are availble from the SU Reception on a 24hr loan max, you can also book in advance by emailing


Do I still need to complete other union processes that are not COVID related? (e.g. trip registration form, external/event speaker notification, non-covid risk assessments, ect.)

Please do remember about the non-covid procedures in place. These still need to be completed as they are in place to keep yourselves and your memebrs safe!


Can I book multiple rooms at the same time to host multiple in-person events?

When hosting multiple sessions at the same time rooms would have to be in distinguishably different geographical locations (e.g. different buildings). For any organised activity in-doors you can have 15 people max for that event in that location (e.g. in that one building). Where you do host multiple sessions at the same time each location needs to be treated as its own organised activity,  there can be absolutely no mixing of groups and all procedures (e.g. completing the covid activity checklist) need to be compelted for each activity.

We would ask you to really consider if dividing everyone up is the best option, consider if the event can be held virtually so everyone can come together in one place.

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