Societies Festival

Take two: after having to cancel the 2020 event, Aberystwyth Students' Union along with Bangor Students' Union are happy to announce the brand-new SOCIETIES FESTIVAL!

The Societies Festival will take place alongside Aber/Bangor Varsity, this year hosted by Aber on the 17th April 2021.

This event is aimed at societies of all kinds; it will give you an opportunity to meet and socialise with your counterparts at Bangor University. In contrast to the competitive nature of Varsity, this event is going to elevate the feeling of community and common ground between both universities and bring students closer together to enrich their experiences.

If you'd like to know more about the event, please contact your Student Opportunities Officer, Wojtek Salski.

When: Saturday 17th April 2021 (COVID depending) | Where: Aberystwyth University (various locations)

Timetable: TBC | Cost: TBC

Aim: To give you the opportunity to network and socialise with your counterparts at Bangor University

Participating Societies: TBC

Registration will be live in the new academic year!

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