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Centre Aberystwyth is a campaigning society that aims to research and raise awareness about issues that affect students across campus. We also hold fun and themed socials every week.


Centre Aberystwyth is a group of students who are campaigning to make both Aberystwyth and the University a better place. You can click here to view our main website. 

What do we do? 

  • Run campaigns- We work to raise awareness of issues that impact students day-to-day during their time at University. This year we have chosen three main campaigns, these are: 
    • Tackling sexual assualt across campus.
    • Ensuring all students have affordable, liveable housing. 
    • Making sure that every student has access to vaccines, and is not disadvantaged by any access problems they may face. 
  • Researching issues- We talk to students and research issues that are affecting them across campus, with us publishing policy documents and trying to find solutions to solve them. By joining the society, if you're interested in political research and want to give it a go- you can!
  • Lobbying bodies- We try to get other bodies to act on our campaigns and put our plans into practise. These include the SU, local council, Senedd and Parliament. 
  • Working with others- We will work with others where we have common goals. This includes other society, organsations and individuals. We're also a branch of Centre Think Tank- which means we have access to their network of people and partners.
  • Organise events- We sometimes invite guest speakers and hold panel events. These are around topics that fit in with our campaigns. 
  • Run socials- We will run a variety of social events throughout the year, these include bonfires, pizza nights and themed pub crawls. 

By joining our society, you do not have to participate in everything we do- there's a lot! We know that everybody is interested in different things, the main reason for starting Centre Aberystwyth was to build a strong student community where everybody is included. If that's throwing yourself in research or only attending socials, that's okay! Whatever works for you.

Please also note that whilst catergorised as a political society, you do not need to be a politics student to join. The majority of our members are not politics students and our membership is across a variety of different departments. We are also non-party affialiated. 

If you would like updates on what the society does, make sure to follow our instagram page and sign up to our mailing list. We're a new society- so any support is welcome!

Our committee

President- Ronan Adams

Vice President- Yzzy Teucher 

Treasurer- Jasneet Samrai 

Secretary- Oliver Maynard 

Social Secretary- Amber Tinsley

Health and Wellbeing- Tayla Dodd

Contact us

At the moment, our society email address is not working. Feel free to contact us via our instagram page, which is linked above, or contact our Treasurer instead- her email is jks14@aber.ac.uk. 


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