How to join a Society!

The memberships will be available to purchase from Freshers’ Week onwards. You will need to purchase either a Sporty Card (for Clubs) or an Aber Soc membership (for Societies) before purchasing the individual memberships, most of which are valid from September – June unless otherwise stated. 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Join AberSoc
To join a Society at Aberystwyth University, you must join AberSoc. What is AberSoc? AberSoc is for all Aberystwyth Students. It supports our societies as well as providing you with a range of facilities and activities to enjoy. AberSoc also covers you on all things insurance when you are taking part and representing a society. This is all for just £6! You will be prompted to purchase AberSoc membership when you log on to and attempt to join a society.
2. Find the Society you want to join on the AberSU website!
To join a society, you must purchase membership on the AberSU website! This year, a new online Membership Scheme for Societies will run and you will have to prove your AberSoc status before you can access membership to a society. Once you have purchased your AberSoc membership, you’re ready to go! Simply log on to & click on a society, click ‘Join’ and follow all instructions on the website to process your online payment!
3. Add your e-mail to our mailing list!
Don’t forget to contact a member of the committee to receive important information about the society you've just joined. You’re now part of a society!!