Why should you attend Activities Week?

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Jasmine Cross, Activities Officer, AberSU 16-17

So, this is my first ever blog, let’s hope I don’t bore you! It’s going to be a blog about my experience of Activities Week in my first year, which was my first experience of Aber life, goes hand in hand with my first blog!

I’m originally from Essex which meant I had quite a trek to get to Aber, so we decided to travel over the day before and stay the night before Sports Week (as it was known as back in the day – before it developed to Activities week). When I woke up in the morning I was just so excited to start my new life and make new friends, I actually had to ask my parents to leave because I wanted to meet the people in my flat!

Moving in was quite surreal, leaving home and starting new on the other side of the country. I unpacked the essentials (I had A LOT of stuff – so I didn’t unpack everything) and my flatmates and I were greeted by the helpers and taken to the Union for some grub and then evening festivities. After a formal ice-breaker quiz they opened the doors and let loose the sports clubs! It ended up being a hilarious night, all the clubs were so welcoming and wanted to take us and “show us the town”, I made so many friends that night; definitely one of my fondest memories of Uni!

The following day, I can’t lie, heads were a bit sore for most of us but the breakfast in TaMed sorted us right out. After we ate we all hurried to the Union Steps where all the Freshers were congregated and filtered off into the sports that we wanted to do. On my first day I tried Netball and Harriers, I can honestly say I was aching after running around what felt like the entire Welsh coast line! It was a great way to meet people and learn about the place I was going to be calling home for the next 3 years.  On the second day I went along to the Swimming and Water Polo session, which I must have thoroughly enjoyed because in my second year I was the club's Social Secretary and progressed to President in my third – so they must have done something right to make me stick around!

After the week was up and Freshers Week begun, my flatmates and I watched and helped the new Freshers move in, as if we had been there forever and knew everything about Aber. It was very helpful for making friends and telling them about our own experiences from the previous week.

Sports Week in my first year is undoubtedly up there as being one of the best weeks of my entire university life and I cannot recommend it enough to new Aber students.

This year I’m actually in charge of it so I hope that I can make it as enjoyable for those attending this year’s Activities Week as it was for me in my first year.

2016 Activities week is your chance to experience Aberystwyth activities before anyone else arrives in Aberystwyth. For more information click here.


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