The Cost of University Life

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I think we can all agree that being at university is expensive:

Tuition fees at £9k, and still rising? Check.
Removal of maintenance grants by Westminster? Check.
Accommodation fees creeping up every year? Check.

So why do some universities think it’s okay to charge students little extra hidden costs on top of all this?

In my manifesto I said that I wanted to find out whether students in Aber are facing additional hidden course fees on top of their tuition, and start working out how we can bring these costs down. Over the next couple of weeks, the AberSU team will be out and about talking to you and asking what extra costs you’re facing and what we should do about it.

So, start thinking – are you paying too much to park on campus every day? Have you had to pay for something that is a core part of your course, like a field trip or equipment? Can you afford to buy food in the outlets on campus? Do you think library fines are unreasonable? We’ll be asking all this and more so please come and chat to us so we can help make being a student more affordable for you.

Please fill in this super quick survey to tell us about all of these extra costs:


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