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Hello, although May is a difficult time for students with such a high workload, it's important that you enjoy every aspect of your life here in Aberystwyth. During May this year, the LLEOL campaign will be under way. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage students to shop locally, and to show the benefits of doing so. We will be co-operating with local businesses in order to raise awareness of the offers that are available around town.

Here are a few points explaining why you should support the LLEOL campaign:

- Contrary to the common belief, it's possible to buy stuff much cheaper from local shops than from supermarkets and chain stores. You might be able to do a deal with a local shop and get your hands on special offers. We'll show you the savings you can make by shopping locally.

- Environmentally, it's much better to shop locally, it's likely that food hasn't had to travel so far, and goods are less likely to have been mass-produced. Using local shops is also better for the environmental, and they are less likely to use a lot of packaging. We will be sharing cheap and tasty recipes, using locally produced ingredients.

- More importantly, shopping locally is morally right. Every penny you spend goes back into the community and into the pockets of local people. This means that by shopping locally, you're helping to boost the local economy. Throughout the month, we will be showing ways in which shopping locally helps the community.

So be on the lookout for LLEOL posters around town, and join in the campaign to support local shops in May!


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