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As some of you may be aware the #ThisGirlCan campaign was something we got very into here at the SU. The campaign itself is about getting more women involved in the provision of sport and overcoming some of the barriers that many women face when it comes to starting something new like a joining a club or simply just going to the gym for the first time.

I wanted to make this campaign relevant for our Aber women to prove that absolutely each and every one one of our female student and staffing body can become involved in being active no matter their age, ability or gender. The best way I thought to make it about the amazing women we have in Aber was to focus on some of our sporting super females. I asked a few individual to give an overview of why they are involved in sport and exercise, how it helps them and what they would recommend to all our other Aber females about how to get involved! This was by far the most enjoyable aspect of the campaign. I found it so refreshing to hear about what our students are doing and how they are contributing to sport in Aber, so I need to say a massive to thank you to the girls who took the time to write a bit about themselves *THANK YOU*!!  These blogs were such a success here at the SU that one of our own even wrote a really inspirational blog too giving an insight to her top tips for becoming active and pieces of advice for those who want to get involved but are a bit nervous!

 Another challenge I set my self was to attend at least one Aberystwyth University Sports Centre class a day for a week, and video what I found from my efforts. I have to admit at the start of the week I was quite hesitant because I really didn’t feel like I was even fit enough to attend a class! After the first class I could certainly tell how hard I had pushed myself in the class, and it didn’t even matter what level my fitness was at! Straight after the class I felt really refreshed (as well as super sweaty) and generally felt better for getting my heartrate going a bit faster than normal! After the adrenaline had worn off from the class I did begin to feel muscles that I didn’t know existed and did get quite stiff. Sleeping was quite hard as I was so sore that I couldn’t move!

Day 2 and I was a little bit weary from not having had a proper night’s sleep, but that did not stop me, I even went to 2 classes! I was still stiff from the day before but once I got into the swing of exercising in the classes I was able to relax and actually move again! I found that I was still stiff after I had been sat down for a longer period of time so getting up and about from my desk made me the daily bit of humour for the other officers (you’re welcome!). Luckily I slept a lot better after the second day because I think I was just that worn out!

On to day 3, I think I learnt my lesson from the previous day so only went to one class! The class I decided to go to was later on in the day and I actually found myself really looking forward to the end of the day which meant that I was able to go and exercise. One reason I was so excited for the class was because I knew I would be able to use it as a bit of mental relaxation as well as a physical work out. By this time in the week my mind and body sort of worked together to fully enjoy the exercise and it was a good way to finish after work and just go into relaxation mode for when I went home, which again meant I was able to have a really decent night’s sleep.

Day 4 now and I was still a little bit sore but it was more of a friendly reminder that I had put a lot of effort in to working hard over the previous days. Same as on day 3, the class was a bit later so I found myself watching the clock in anticipation of the class! This was one of the classes where I had company; Naomi (Welfare Officer) was also really excited for the class so we were sharing the excitement in the office throughout the day. Afterwards we both felt really good for going, and having both done the class we were able to say what parts we thought were really cool!

Day 5 was the real surprise for me. I wasn’t as sore anymore and I honestly did feel like I was more skipping than walking everywhere. I had so much energy and my frame of mind was really positive which meant that I was much more focused on my other campaigns and all round motivated for the day of work ahead. The class itself almost felt like a necessity for the day, like the other days it was a good way to get myself focused for work and my other campaigns. Once I had finished the class I felt a sense of relief, not in that it was over, but more so that I had actually completed the week and stuck to all the classes and not to mention how healthy I felt for doing it.

I do have to admit that I took the weekend off but it did leave me feeling like I was missing something!! Since #ThisGirlCan week I have tried to stick at exercising regularly, so I've benn gymming, going to classes and fitting in a water polo training session. If there is one thing I could say to those of you out there who want to get out and get active but are too nervous to do so, it's that you don’t have to worry about anything, it really is such a good way to look after yourselves physically, emotionally and mentally!! If you ever have any questions about how to join a club or become more involved you can always email me (!


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