An introduction to your Welsh Affairs Officer and UMCA President

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What is your role at AberSU?

Welsh Culture Officer and UMCA President. Representing all the Welsh-speaking students at the University.


What are your priorities? / What do you represent Aber students on this year?

My role is to make sure that the voice of Welsh-speaking students is heard within the University. I will support students' interests regarding their education, culture and the Welsh community. One of my promises this year is to develop and increase the scope of UMCA and the Welsh language community by helping to facilitate the new free membership system for UMCA. Also, ensuring that Pantycelyn reopens as a students' hall of residence by September 2019.


How have your first few months gone?

Fast, exciting and it's been quite an experience! As I've organised and run a number of events and activities already, the last few months have flown. UMCA was represented at the National Eisteddfod and involved in organising the UMCA Graduating Ceremony, so the summer has prepared me for the year ahead. Organising the UMCA Freshers' Week has meant a great deal of hard work, and hopefully all this work will be reflected in the fun-packed week which is ahead of us.


How can students contact you?

You can contact me through either e-mailing -, or Or you can contact me by posting a message on Facebook or Twitter.


Do you have any tips for making friends during freshers?

Speak to as many different people as possible, and introduce yourself to them. Everybody will be in the same boat, so don't be scared. But more importantly, be yourself!


What is your best memory of freshers?

The first night, the Punch Party in Pantycelyn, the night I got to meet a lot of Welsh-speakers, people who became my friends for the next three years.


What are you looking forward to most this freshers?

Welcoming all the new students to UMCA. It will be a pleasure to introduce the new students to UMCA and the Welsh language community, by sharing my experiences and organising events throughout the week. My own memories of starting here are all the encouragement I need to create the best week possible!


What advice would you give to new students?

Don't miss any night of the week, you'll only regret it. It's important that everybody gets to know you during the week. The Welsh language community is very close-knit, so it's easy for you to join the UMCA family if you want to. If you want an unforgettable three years here in Aberystwyth, and you're a Welsh speaker, UMCA will make that happen for you.


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