An introduction to your Wellbeing Officer

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Welcome to Aber! Or welcome back!

So it’s that time of year again, the students start trickling back, the lecturers get themselves ready for a new intake of students, and the Students’ Union sets out to welcome everyone to Aber with fun events, freshers' fair and of course, a whole lot of smiles! (Cheesy I know, I think I died a little inside too).

So to start off the year with unbridled enthusiasm I thought it’d be good to introduce myself! My name’s Molly and (I’m not an alcoholic…) I’m this year’s wellbeing officer, which used to be the welfare role last year. I make sure that all the students are as happy and healthy as possible and that we provide you with the best and most welcoming experience possible. I work with equality and diversity, making sure that each student is represented equally at the university. I work with the health and safety board to make sure you guys are safe on campus and best of all I get to work directly with students in what I hope will be some amazing and effective campaigns this year!

We had to start this job with 3 priorities which believe me, was ridiculously hard to do! I wanted to do everything and get it all done in a year. Unfortunately, everyone was pretty strict about that one and I had to pick them so I went with:

  • Making sure you guys have a place to go that makes you feel comfortable and safe in the SU ie. The Wellbeing room!
  • Spread the word about checking your bits to educate about catching cancer early!
  • Stitch and Bitch – a sessional craft workshop that is based around a theme every month to create art but also give you somewhere to complain and moan, or celebrate all of the wonderful craft skills you have!

With these in mind we’ve been working really hard these past two months to get the Union ready for you guys and also at the same time, we’ve been trying to get settled as an officer team. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve struggled over the past few months, but mainly because I’d never experienced full time work before when none of my mates were still in Aber but as a team we muddled through and here we are, stronger than ever, ready for the year ahead.

If you need me throughout the year, I’m available on email at or you can ring me on 01970 621741. I’m here for you guys so if you ever just want to chat I’m in the office pretty much all the time unless I’ve got a meeting but just drop in and see us in the back corridors. I promise we won’t bite!

Have fun this year and stay safe! Muchos Love <3


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