An introduction to your Union Development Officer

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What is your role at AberSU?

I am the Union Development Officer. (Formerly known as President)

What are your priorities?

Enhancing the reputation of the Students’ Union, safeguarding sponsorships for Sports & Societies and to improve the way Students ’ Union uses digital media to interact with students and local businesses. 

What do you represent Aber students on this year?

I sit on a range of University committees such as University Council, Senate and various other sub committees which all feed in to Council.

How has your first few months gone?

They’ve been incredibly busy with a lot of prep work going in to getting the SU ready for the coming year. I feel there’s been vast improvements already and I’m excited to see it keep on improving over the coming months. J

How can students contact you?

Via email, twitter, facebook; I try to stay as active as possible online, so if you have a question always feel free to message me and ask, you all can also always come into the office and see me in person if I’ve not replied online. J

Do you have any tips for making friends during freshers?

When in halls, keep your door open, help move in your new flatmates, remember you are about to spend a year with them.
Join a sports club/society, simple!
Introduce yourself to your next door neighbours, you never know when you’ll need to borrow something.

What are your best memory of freshers?

Haha, memory.

What are you looking forward to most this freshers?

The Big Quiz, Freshers' Fairs and having all the students back in Aber.

What advice would you give to new students?

Bring a decent raincoat, it will rain, a lot. Don’t buy tonnes of crockery and cutlery, you will only probably end up using one plate/bowl and cutlery set. Know your limits when it comes to going out and of course enjoy yourself!


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