Who are your candidates…

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t’s that time a year again when soon campus will be abuzz with candidates talking about this year’s elections! 

Voting opens 9am Monday 11th until Friday 15th March via your email or ApAber.

You’ll be able to view photos and manifestos of candidates from early next week at www.abersu.co.uk/elections but for now here are your candidates…


Full-Time Officer Roles

Academic Affairs Officer

Chloe Wilkinson-Silk


Dhanjeet Ramnatsing

Kieran Russell Metson

Curtis Howard

Student Opportunities Officer

Harry Adams

James Coulton

Cerys Haf Smith

Aimee Ford

Thomas Nolan

Wojciech Salski

Wellbeing Officer

Christopher Mason

Emily-Jane Payne

Petru Rey

Huzaifa Khalifa

Daniel Hardman

Aaron Daniels

Samantha Wilding

Oliver Earl

Lydia Chilvers

Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President

Anna Wyn Jones

Tomos Ifan

Volunteer Officer Roles


Black, Asian And Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

Anil Campbell

Disabled Students’ Officer

Aaron Mark Daniels

Environment & Sustainability Officer

Charlotte Cooper

Iris Kalian

International Students’ Officer

Jackie Jarocki

LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer

Emily Eaton

Lyra Hawkins

Union Chairperson

Ellen Hjort

Joao Louro

Welsh Language Officer

Rhydian Jones

Emily Mary Bennett

Women’s Officer

Sophie Grave

Faculty Representative Roles

Faculty Of Arts And Social Science (UG)

Roisin Donnelly

Faculty Of Business And Physical Sciences (UG)

Sivert Hellvik Havso

Faculty Of Earth And Life Sciences (UG)

Elizabeth Silvester


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