TeamAber reflections on 2020-21

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This year, like no other, has proved just how amazing our societies and clubs can be. Overcoming so many uncertainties, adapting to rapidly changing situations and finding as many ways as possible to continue with their activities. The Team Aber family have done an outstanding job of keeping the student community together and ensuring that no one from the student population was to be left behind.

It has been amazing seeing all our student groups activities going ahead, and how many of them have thrived this year with their memberships and opportunities. In spite of the many obstacles faced we have recorded multiple successes; from the student-organised RAG events and competitions, to their participation in SU organised events such as Arts Festival, Super Challenge, Varsity and SocsFest; none of which would’ve have taken place if it wasn’t for the amazing work of the SU team and our student body.

Among the many great events and occurrences that have taken place this year we would like to point out an amazing success of the first ever Arts Festival, which was organised with the invaluable help of our students, as well as outstanding engagement throughout our online-based activities such as Super Challenge and Varsity. There was also the incredible performance of the dance groups like Showdance and Kpop in their respective fields of interest, as well as exceptional community sentiment with the ‘Pack a Parcel’ scheme, which offered Christmas presents for the many residents of care homes across Ceredigion.

Thanks to this level of commitment, enthusiasm and creativity, we have had such a successful year, despite the many difficulties the world is facing. It is both inspiring and empowering to see the dedication of all our sports clubs and societies, especially in the face of adversity. Quoting the great thinker and philosopher Seneca - the bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.

It has been a tough year for our student groups, but as we can see, it can only bring the best in them. Aberystwyth Students' Union would like to thank you all for your persistence and dedication, making the year worthwhile against all adversity.

Thank you for yet another great year!


Student Opportunities Officer 2020-21


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