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THIS GIRL CAN Week Blogs - Next up: Hannah Dyer!

1. Tell us a little about yourself including your involvement with Volunteering…

I am Hannah a Third Year Physical Geographer, as well as being an academic rep I am on two committees, SSAGO (Student Scout And Guide Organisation) and Dodgeball. Outside of University I also help over at 2nd Borth Scouts, helping run the sections at their weekly meetings.

2. Have you faced any challenges or barriers being a woman following your passion in volunteering?

I personally don’t feel that me volunteering, as a woman, has held me back in any way. If anything, having grown up surrounded by strong women, it has made me more determined to do an even better job. It has also aided being able to take things in my stride and get on with what needs doing, remembering why it is I volunteer or am doing the position I am whatever that may be.

3. Is there a particular woman who inspires you or has influenced your life?

There are many women who I look up to, but most importantly my Mom and Nan. They both made me see that every opportunity is there to be taken. They supported me throughout my development and even now. There are other women who influence me and makes me want to see the best in myself and do my best, women like Jasmine Paris who broke the men’s and women’s record for the Pennine way in the Spine Race. Look her up, she is down to earth yet inspiring!

4. What would you say to other women who are thinking about entering into Volunteering but are not sure if it is for them?

Even if you are thinking of volunteering then give it a go! There are plenty of organisations and groups, be it running for an Academic rep role or for a committee position in the upcoming year. The possibilities are endless, just find something you are passionate about and give it a go; there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is not just the skills that you learn but the people you meet that make that ‘hour a week’ worth so much more.


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