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THIS GIRL CAN Week Blogs - First up: Sammi! 

1.        Tell us a little about yourself including your involvement in Sport…

My name is Samantha Short but I go by Sammi. I've had an interest in sport since I was little, growing up playing cricket as my main sport and playing a bit of hockey and rounders on the side. Cricket has always been a passion of mine and one of the things I am most passionate about. I began playing at Pontblyddyn Cricket Club in a mixed team, then North East Wales and Wales. As the travelling got a bit too much I moved cricket counties to Cheshire at the age of 14 and played there until I was 17. Again, I changed counties to Shropshire to play for the women in 2018. In 2017, I began playing indoor cricket and in September of that year I got the opportunity to represent England in Dubai at the Indoor World Cup.


2.        Have you faced any challenges or barriers being a woman in your chosen Sport?

Being a woman in cricket at the start is hard, growing up with boys, comments of "you got bowled out by a girl" and "you can't let a girl bowl you out" was a common thing to hear, but never posed as a challenge, if anything it completely inspired me to prove the male players and their parents wrong. Competition to get involved in games was easy for me, however for other girls in the sport I know that it was not as easy for them. As soon as I began to be recognised in my area and for my county (Cheshire), I have rarely ever faced any challenges concerning my gender.


3.        Is there a particular woman who inspires you or has influenced your life?

The female that I view as my inspiration is anyone who achieves what they want to do in the sporting world and enjoy doing it. I don’t particularly have one inspiration from one sport but anyone who competes at the most competitive level is someone who I find inspiring.


4.        What would you say to other women who are thinking about taking part in (Sport) but are not sure if it is for them?

I’d say to just go for it, you’ll only be losing an opportunity if you don’t. Friends are also a major component of sport and it’s one of the reasons I stuck to cricket. Not only will it be enjoyable socially but the physical benefits will increase your confidence. If you’re interested in starting a new sport, do it, it’s never too late and you won’t regret it.


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