Standing Now Open for the 2020 Officer Elections

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With a new year comes the usual run up to elections and with it chalking, banners, flyers, campaign videos and facebook group invites. Whether as a candidate or voter you should take time to consider being involved, and there is no better time than before the new term begins.

Once again this year, in addition to what qualities they will bring to the role and how they will benefit the wider elected officer team, we’ll be asking Full-time Officer candidates focused questions on the ideas which students have put forward, as well as how they will work to put them into practice.

The idea being that students when voting will have an understanding of how candidates prioritise and work towards existing policy as decided by students.

While there will be plenty of emphasis on the Full-time Officers who are paid to represent students next year, you can still be part of the change whilst studying by standing for one of our Volunteer Officer roles.

To stand in the election visit and complete the online standing form by 12pm on Tuesday 25th February. If you just want to vote, you can do so via ApAber or using the unique voting link you are emailed between Monday 9th and Friday 13th March.

If you want more advice or haven any questions, contact us on

It’s your university, so shape its future, as your voice matters!


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