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Student Volunteer Week is a National UK wide celebration and promotion of student volunteering. The fourth article of the Week is about the Aberystwyth Officer Training Corps (OTC).

How has your society volunteered their time?
The University Officers' Training Corps provides an opportunity for students to undertake Reserve Officer training modules designed to fit around their degrees. Whilst these students don’t join as volunteers, in the fire break lockdown we raised £1,000 alongside Bangor's detachment of the Wales University Officers' Training Corps. We competed to see who could run the most distance in a week, using strava. This money went to the Royal British Legion.

What’s the biggest feel-good moment as society?
For me the biggest feel good moment was being still being able to go on a summer camp in September despite the coronavirus. We still managed to live out in the field, complete platoon attacks and do a patrol challenge whilst remaining socially distant and safe. It was nice to be able to do something fun, sociable and active after months of doing not a lot!

What benefits have you gained from volunteering?
Our fundraising helped to keep people active and sociable during a lockdown, as well as raising significant funds for an important cause.

Upcoming Events?
Upcoming events: We hope to resume training in March, with weekends in the Brecon Beacons and locally.

Current Committee:
Susie Thompson, Jamie Murdoch, Zach Davison, Josh Dew


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