Spotlight on Kit

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Name: Kit

Role: Reception & Finance Coordinator

Where is home? By the seaside

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I patently refuse to be a cliché and say I don’t know what to say, but unfortunately, I am a walking cliché, so I really do not.

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu?

Rye bread with cheese; the nostalgia is in the mundane.

Outside of work, what are your favourite pastimes or hobbies?

Sewing, role-playing games, and singing off key (I sing in key when I’m in work)

What do you love about working in Aberystwyth? / What ­are you hoping to get up to during your first few months?

This is a lovely town full of lovely people, and the SU is a lovely organisation that really made my student life better, and it’s full of kind people. So my first goal is contributing to that culture and atmosphere

If you weren’t in your SU role…what would you be?

Well, I am educated as a theatre designer, so… Probably in a theatre

Before working here, have you had much involvement with the students’ union or student groups?

I did! I’ve been a student here for three years and involved in societies, most notably Curtain Call

Tell us interesting fact about yourself (something people may be surprised to learn):

I’m a cane user, and the cane I usually use for everyday walking around is an inheritance piece that was made in Birmingham in the 1930’s; that isn’t really about me, but a lot of people ask where I got the cane, and it is an interesting fact

Why did you join the team here at AberSU?

The joke response is always ‘because I’m passionate about spreadsheets’ but is it really a joke? Though also, as mentioned above, it’s a really lovely atmosphere, and that’s something very important to me

Anything else to add? Not really, but I’m excited for people to come by!


Croeso (welcome) to the SU family, Kit!


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