Spotlight on Chloe Steer

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Chloe joins the SU’s Comms & Engagement staff team as Communications Coordinator. Her role includes coordinating the AberSU portfolio of communication: such as social media, the website and more.

Name? Chloe

Role? Communications Coordinator

Where is home? Swansea, Wales

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

I've been studying Geography in Aberystwyth for the past 3 years through the medium of Welsh and enjoyed my time here so much I didn't want to leave. 

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu?

Definitely creamy white sauce pasta with some CHEESY garlic bread

Outside of work, what are your favourite pastimes or hobbies?

I danced for 17 years growing up so I love exploring what's going on in the world of dance, keeping up with the news and just generally getting outdoors when I can. 

What do you love about working in Aberystwyth? / What are you hoping to get up to during your first few months? 

The past 3 years Aberystwyth has become my home away from home and I couldn't think about leaving this year without doing everything I wanted to experience whilst here. Over the next few months I'd love to get involved in contributing to student life and improving student's experience here in Aber. 

If you weren’t in your SU role…what would you be?

Since leaving school I always planned to do my PGCE in secondary education Geography, however, whilst coming to the end of my degree this year I couldn't face another year of essays and deadlines. I was offered a placement to teach in Thailand for a year however this was too far away from home for me to commit to especially after not seeing family as often through covid. If I wasn't here, I would've loved to have volunteered in the community and used my knowledge in dance to provide young people/ children in deprived areas a creative outlet. 

Before working here, have you had much involvement with the students’ union or student groups? 

Whilst I've been here I've dedicated my time volunteering as an academic rep, Sign-post mentor, A-Team volunteer and committee member. My hobbies include dancing, keeping up with the news and just generally getting outdoors where I can. 
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself (something people may be surprised to learn): 

My dissertation was researching whether we can sustainably live on floodplains with the increasing risk of flash flood events- sounds very boring but I'm interested in how we can plan for the future and live sustainably. 

Why did you join the team here at AberSU?

After working with the Union closely the past year and how relaxed and welcome I felt during my interview I knew the work place environment was definitely right for me. The team have been very welcoming the past few weeks and have done everything to help me transition into working life. 

Anything else to add?

If you have anything you'd like to see on the SU channels I'm always open to your emails and ideas!


Croeso (welcome) to the SU family, Chloe!


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