SU Officer Election results 2021.

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Thanks to everyone for voting in the AberSU Officer Elections this year. We received 1,813 votes…reaching 24% voter turnout.

Congratulations to all candidates.


Volunteer Officers


Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences Officer Undergraduate

Aleksandra Spasova


Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences Officer Postgraduate

Ellen Hjort


Faculty of Business and Physical Sciences Officer (UG)

Martina McIvor & Zoe Hayne


Faculty of Arts and Social Science Officer Undergraduate

Ella Holland


Union Chairperson

Rowan Hughes


Postgraduate Student’s Officer

Elisa Long Perez


Mature Student’s Officer

Gary Coulsby


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer

Hia Alhashemi


International Students’ Officer

Alexandra Christodoulaki


LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer

Callum Severs


Environment & Sustainability Officer

Aisleen Sturrock


Women’s Officer

Erin Workman

Full-time Officers     


SU President

Sabina O'Donoghue


Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President

Mared Edwards


Academic Affairs Officer

Elizabeth Manners


Student Opportunities Officer

Rachel Barwise


Wellbeing Officer

Hannah Lunnon

Thank you to all our candidates for standing and to everyone who has voted in the 2021 SU Officer Elections.


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