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Jess joins the SU’s Comms & Engagement staff team as Meadia, Sales & Events Coordinator. Her role includes providing relevant and valuable opportunities for students to engage with local, regional and national service providers, generating income and building positive relationships for AberSU and more.


Name: Jessica Eades

Role: Media Sales & Events Coordinator

Where is home?: Aberystwyth

Tell us a little bit about yourself: In 2019 I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in Events Management. After this, I then went onto study an MSc in International Business and Marketing at Aberystwyth University. I am very passionate about planning events, and I am very keen on minimising environmental impacts and working sustainably wherever I can.  

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu?:

A Brewdog burger, sweet potato fries and a pint.

Outside of work, what are your favourite pastimes or hobbies?:

I love searching for quirky places to stay on AirBnB (which I do quite often). I enjoy walks along the seafront and visiting different beaches. I support the Welsh rugby team, enjoy action movies and love to cook.  

What do you love about working in Aberystwyth? / What are you hoping to get up to during your first few months?:

I love working in Aberystwyth, as it’s a vibrant student town and you cannot beat its sea views - especially on a clear blue day! During my first few months in this role, I am hoping to get to know the team and learn as much as I can, which will help me excel in the role moving forwards.

If you weren’t in your SU role…what would you be?: A holiday planner.

Before working here, have you had much involvement with the students’ union or student groups?:

I recently spent 12 months working as a graduate intern at the University of Exeter assessing hardship applications from different student groups. This role opened my eyes to the hardships that different student groups can face and being able to offer support was very rewarding. I am very much looking forward to offering my support in planning memorable experiences for students at AberSU.

Tell us interesting fact about yourself (something people may be surprised to learn):

I am related to Charles Babbage, the man who developed the concept of the computer.

Why did you join the team here at AberSU?:

I’ve always wanted to work at AberSU and be a part of a team who can offer different opportunities to students and support students in being happy and healthy. I want to support AberSU in delivering their promises, including helping students to meet new people and make friends for life.   


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