SHORTLIST: Teaching, Learning & Student Experience Awards 2023

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Today we are thrilled to announce the final shortlist for the 2023 AberSU Celebrates, Teaching, Learning & Student Experience Awards.

These awards support best practice by highlighting teaching excellence and recognising the contributions of staff and students to the student experience.

We would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated and we look forward to seeing you at the awards event! Those shortlisted are listed below.


Academic Representative of the Year:

Zoe Hayne

Clark Seanor

Harry Marsh

Department of the Year:

Department of Computer Science

English and Creative Writing


Lecturer of the Year:

Andrew Baldwin

Roger Santer

Miranda Whall

Personal Tutor of the Year:

Helen Miles

Christine Zarges

Alison Mackiewicz

Postgraduate Teacher of the Year:

Abby Monk

Shaun Donnelly

Kim Kenobi

Student Mentor of the Year:

Muhammad Naveed Arshad

Student Staff Member of the Year:

Lilly Casey-Green

Gabrielle Welsh

Zoe Hayne

Student Volunteer of the Year:

Andrine Vangberg

Rachel Seabourne

Zoe Hayne

Sulaimaan Najeebullah Salim

Supervisor of the Year:

Luis Mur

Arwyn Edwards

Karl Hoffmann

Support/Service Staff Member of the Year:

Helen Williams

Eleanor Furness

Mary Glasser

Welsh Champion

Cai Phillips

Gareth Tuen Griffiths

Liberation Champion

Dax Aziraphale FitzMedrud and Elena Bloomquist 

Dylan Cashon

Non Humphries

We hope to see many of you there for a great evening celebrating the hard work and dedication of Aberystwyth University students and staff!


Helen Macdougall
8:39pm on 31 May 23 Where are the results? I've searched everywhere...
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