Rachel 21-22' Round-up

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Alright team, how’s it going?

So, it’s been a year! When we all started in July, restrictions on how many people could meet indoors were in place and it wasn’t looking good for in-person activity… but lo and behold, Freshers Week, Aber Challenge, Varsity, Socs Fest and of course the iconic Superteams found their way back onto our calendar and life felt okay again! Being new to the role and also to the vast majority of our key events this year, it was a learning curve, but we had fun.

This year, one of my priorities was to increase engagement with Tîm Aber and to see membership increased from 1371 last year to an incredible 3044 was just the icing on the cake! Seeing through the first in person Arts Festival since becoming policy in 2019 and then in February, encouraging you to try something new with Give It A Go are only just a couple of my highlights (getting inside our mascot costume is a third!).

Nothing could have happened this year without all of you for taking part and also, without a shadow of a doubt, the incredible Opportunities Team who have welcomed me into the squad and have smashed everything out of the park. I am so excited work with you all again as your re-elected officer and see what we can achieve together in the new year!

Finally, I feel like I need to say a bittersweet thank you and goodbye to my four fantastic fellow officers, Sabina, Elizabeth, Hannah and Mared (and then a very quick welcome back to Elizabeth). I have absolutely loved my time with you this year and I cannot wait to see what you all do next in your lives as the powerful and incredible women that you are! And to Elizabeth, Ash, Cam, and Dafi, let’s do this thing!

Stay cool, Barwise x


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