RESULTS: April Academic Rep Elections

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We’re pleased to announce the results of the April Academic Rep Elections.

Thank you to everyone who stood and congratulations to the winners, we look forward to working with you from September 2018!

A full breakdown of voting is available on request by e-mailing

Positions where Re-open nominations (RON) where elected will re-open in September 2018.


Aberystwyth Business School

Year 2 Accounting Representative:                                         Kirsty Harrison

Year 3 Accounting Representative:                                         Agata Blaszkiewicz

Year 3 Business and Management Representative:               Clare Scally


Aberystwyth Law School

Year 3 Criminology Representative:                                       Alexander Magee

Year 3 LLB Representative:                                                   Rashdan Rahmad


Department of Computer Science

Year 2 Comp Sci Representative:                                          Michael Male       &        RON


Department of English and Creative Writing

Year 2 Creative Writing Representative:                                Shannon Black

Year 3 English Literature Representative:                             Judy Hazeldene

Year 2 English Literature Representative:                             Jessica Thompson


Department of Geography and Earth Sciences

Year 2 Human Geography Representative:                          Ellen Hjort

Year 3 Environmental Earth Science Representative:          Holly Walder

Year 3 Physical Geography Representative:                        Hannah Dyer

Year 3 Human Geography Representative:                          Katie Regan


Department of History and Welsh History

Year 2 History Representative:        Molly Stubbs       &       Christopher Dale


Department of International Politics

Year 2 Representative:             RON

Year 3 Representative:             Sabrina Mangham       &        Sarah Lehmkuehler


Department of Mathematics

Year 3 Representative:           Joel Greenwood       &       Panna Karlinger


Department of Physics

Year 3 Representative:          Paola Montoya       &       Leandra Craine

Year 4 Representative:          Gareth Stephens

Year 2 Representative:          Frankie Targett       &       Kate Warren


Department of Psychology

Year 2 Representative:          Priyasha Das

Year 3 Representative:          Kieran Metson      &       Angelika Pastuszko


Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Year 2 Film and Television Studies Representative:                   Rory Chapman

Year 2 Joint Honours Representative:                                         Sian Lyden

Year 2 Media and Communication Studies Representative:       Harvey Franks

Year 3 Film and Television Studies Representative:                   Jess Ivers

Year 3 Joint Honours Representative:                                         Kim Hope

Year 3 Scenography and Theatre Design Representative:         Kristin Lundy



Year 2 Animal and Aquatic Sciences Representative:       RON

Year 3 Biology and Health Representative:                        RON


School of Art

Year 3 Representative:                 Benjamin Johnson


School of Education

Year 2 Childhood Studies Representative:                                        Sunny Cheng       &       Skye Meredith

Year 3 Education and International Development Representative:   Sarah Dunmall

Year 3 Childhood Studies Representative:                                        Alex Burrows



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