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Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and… Well you!

This week’s blog comes to you straight from the bedroom. That’s right, this week I’m talking to you all about sex, what help you can find in Aber and what the SU are doing for you!


Show your pride!

Sex comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and glitter styles. Embrace what you like and like what you love. Sex is different for everyone. Whether you have it with a boy, girl, other, or no one, it’s still important to know the ins and outs of life as a sexually active adult.

It’s also important to note that if you’re not directly involved in someone else’s sex life, then leave them to it. No harm will come from a bit of bump and grind so leave them be.


Sexy stuff

Everyone likes different things in the boudoir, or kitchen, or living room… you get the picture! So the SU have got your back for keeping safe while you get jiggy with it. In the SU by the Officers Hub you will find, condoms (extra safe and normal!), lube and sanitary products. We are trying to find another stock of dental dams so don’t worry, hopefully they’ll be back in stock for all you lovelies trying to avoid mouth herpes!

Okay so sex isn’t always so sexy, sometimes it gets pretty gross and grim bacteria and infections get involved and no one likes an itchy crotch. So make sure you get regular check-ups from the clinic by Padarn (It’s moved from north road!!) and if you change sexual partners at all, get checked in between! And sexual partners does NOT just mean sex, chlamydia and other lovely STI’s can manifest in the throat as well so make sure you’re getting regular check-ups… please…


A healthy dose of sex

There is no such thing as too little or too much sex, it’s all a matter of preference so can we all just stop with the sex shaming now? Thanks. Let people have whatever kind of sex they want, again – if it doesn’t affect you, just leave them to it!

A healthy sex life however is not just about how much you’re getting or how often you get checked. It’s also about how safe you feel in that situation, how comfortable you feel saying no without being guilt tripped into say yes pretty soon after. Healthy sex is about consent. Making sure the other person is okay before, during and after. If someone says no then IT MEANS NO!! Respect that.


What to expect, when you’re expecting

Now sometimes, condoms break or you plan to come off the pill or just life happens and you end up preggo. Here at the Union we are pro-choice which means ladies, you have complete control over your own bodies when making this decision. Isn’t that nice?  So if you need advice and you want some help then pop to your doctors or the clinic and they can give you some family planning advice. Just make sure you’re doing what’s best for you!

But it isn’t just about medical support, be aware how such decisions can impact your studies and general wellbeing as well. Depending on what you decide our Advice Service can talk through information about the impact any decision will have on your studies as well as signpost you to additional support where needed.


Right well I think that’s about all the terrible innuendos my brain can think of. To sum up, be safe, be smart and just have fun, consent is key and contraception stops the transmission train to STI town. Basically, just be happy and healthy and we’ll all get along just fine.


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