It’s time to celebrate the work of Academic Reps and Volunteers this year!

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Academic reps are elected to their role and are students that work with staff and students to help make sure your education at Aberystwyth is the best it can be. This year we’ve had 216 students in Academic Rep roles across all departments.

Academic Reps have…

  • Attended all of their SSCCs online and have been successful in delivering student feedback and work with staff to help resolve issues.
  • Directly spoken to and provided feedback to our Academic Affairs Officer through Academic Rep Catch-ups and Zones
  • Helped to give feedback at multiple focus groups regarding student experience during the pandemic, online teaching and learning and information services provision
  • Attended our first Academic Rep Festival, which provided workshops and discussion space to help reps to develop their role, as well as gain further skills.

Volunteers at Aberystwyth cover a diverse range of roles, and the Students’ Union helps to facilitate volunteering opportunities within the SU and local community.

Volunteering opportunities that have taken place this year include…

  • 71 A-Team volunteers helped to ensure a successful freshers' week and supported St John's volunteers with night time patrols in town, making sure students were safe
  • Pack a Parcel Campaign which saw over 50 Christmas cards written and 32 parcels donated by students to those in care homes who would benefit from receiving a gift a Christmas
  • Re-engage call companion group was set-up with students now regularly making telephone calls to lonely and isolated older people, providing a lifeline of friendship.?
  • Three beach cleans have taken place when it’s been possible to have in-person activity.

This year we’ve had over 4,000 hours submitted as part of the Aber Award, and on 21st May, we’ll be celebrating those who have achieved one of our Bronze, Silver or Gold volunteer recognition milestones!


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