Aberystwyth Students’ Union achieve highest Green Impact Standard

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Aberystwyth Students’ Union achieve highest Green Impact Standard

Aberystwyth Students’ Union have been awarded ‘Excellent’ standard in their first Green Impact submission, in recognition of the sustainability campaigns and projects it has conducted during the 2022-23 academic year. This is the highest rating that can be achieved.

Green Impact, run by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is a cyclical 12 month learning and awards programme which supports environmentally and socially sustainable practice within organisations. It suggests what people can do in their workplace to make a difference and guides them how to do this in an accessible but meaningful way, creating a widespread culture of sustainability. 

Green Impact has been led by Ash Sturrock, the 2022-23 Student’s Union President:

Taking part in Green Impact this year was definitely more of a challenge than I originally anticipated. However, with amazing support from all staff in the Union we managed to make some amazing changes to the Union and Institution. I am so pleased with the result we got (very shocked as well) but it does show the great efforts Aberystwyth Student’s Union are doing to save our planet.”  - Ash Sturrock.

Here are some of the highlights and achievements of our Green Impact submission:

  • Students had a voice in sustainability initiatives through many focus groups and development sessions with the University where feedback has clearly been taken forward. E.g. the wildflower meadows across the University.
  • Helped over 400 students through cost-of-living support with our Free Hub (food & essentials)
  • Cutting down waste going to landfill and promoting second hand through the Free Hub (clothing & homeware room)
  • The Union got involved with the council on local rubbish concerns.
  • Over 40% of Senedd policies passed were environmental related.
  • Set up an active working group for the Students Union to develop environmental sustainability.
  • All Union staff have been trained on environmental issues.
  • A Green Week competition were a student group won £1,000 for a sustainability event.

Aberystwyth Student’s Union aims to progress further in it’s sustainability efforts this coming academic year having committed financially to the Green Impact project in its last Annual General Meeting.  



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