Graduation 2018 - congratulations!

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Dear Graduates,

Firstly we want to offer a huge congratulations to you all. This week is a time to celebrate not only the amazing achievements you have all made in graduating, but also all of the incredible things you and all our students have done with their time in Aberystwyth.

Last year we made a pledge to grow together as part of the Aber family. Looking at you all today it’s clear to see the incredible friendships, relationships, memories and ties made between every single one of you.

We are lucky to stay in Aber working with and for students for the next year and they honoured to represent the voice of Aber students. You truly are amazing and continue to make us and yourselves proud in so many ways. This year students and the Students’ Union have:

  • Won or competed in National competitions in Archery, Chess, Cheerleading, Octopush, Pool, Table Tennis and so many more.
  • Campaigned against single use plastic, violence and harassment against women and girls, for better WIFI on campus
  • Worked with the University to confirm the re-opening of Pantycelyn and supported the project to rejuvenate the Old College
  • Helped new students settle in and become part of our Aber family - thank you to all those A teamers and students that give their time and energy to making others feel welcome and cared for.

Aberystwyth wouldn’t be what it is without the thriving Welsh language and culture. For the last couple of years the SU and UMCA have been campaigning to reopen Pantycelyn – we’re greatful that the University have listened and we were thrilled Just a week ago, to hear that the Welsh government have confirmed a £5 million grant to support its refurbishment and we look forward to seeing it re-open in september 2019.

In May UMCA also managed to raise over £4,000 to Bronglais Hospital, came in second in the Rhyng-gol Eisteddfod, and held a hugely successful Rhyng-gol dance. It’s been a very busy year between all the events and sports, and we're glad to say that the welsh language and culture is thriving.

It’s not always in the big things that make the strongest memories, but in the small moments of pure joy, support or success and you will all leave here remembering many of the same things. Aber is in the phone full of sunset pictures, your food being stolen by seagulls on the sea front, on the concourse, in your flat – anywhere really! It’s the difference between being soaked through from rain in the morning, to sitting in the sun on the beach with an ice-cream in the afternoon! It’s sitting round a fire on North Beach with your friends, watching the sun come up after a night out in the Pier, or Yokos or a friend’s house. The photos or the real life experience of storms battering the seafront, being part of an amazing or hilariously bad superteam, or joining the 41% of students that are part of one of our brilliant Clubs or Societies.

Aber is a place of no regrets and I hope you really lived and loved your time at Aber. So come back, visit, please don’t be a stranger. Because of all the things Aber is, it’s our family and it wouldn’t be the same without the people who make it so wonderful, you guys. And we see this right to the end, with our Old Students’ Association present here today. Have chat with them and keep in touch!

We all at the Students’ Union wish you the absolute best in the future, live every minute to the fullest and enjoy the now. You’ve all achieved something huge by sitting in this room and no matter what you achieve in the future, your family here at Aber will always be proud of you. Good luck and ultimately, congratulations! Pob luc a llongifairchiadau. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

From the Students' Union Officer Team!


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