Good luck and don't panic!

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Here at the AberSU advice service we'd like to wish everyone recieving their results tomorrow the best of luck! Many of you will be logging on to see the results for your work this past year. We know for the vast majority it will be a time to celebrate hard work however for others it might be a time of concern.

If you have concerns about your results after the University Senate Examination or Research Degree Board have made their decision, or if you feel that your results have been affected by problems on the course or due to personal issues then you may be able to request an Academic Appeal.

If you feel that you have in some way been disadvantaged during your studies and this is reflected in your results then you may have grounds for an academic appeal. 

For undergraduates, there are three main grounds for appeal; in short, these are:

  1. Personal circumstances which had an adverse effect on your academic studies;
  2. Defects or irregularities in the conduct of the assessments or in written instructions or in advice;
  3. Evidence of prejudice, or of bias, or of inadequate assessment on the part of one or more of the examiners.

For research postgraduates, there is an additional ground:

  1. Evidence that the supervision provided was inadequate and that there were exceptional reasons why this had not been reported by the student prior to the decision of the Examining Board.

Remember: The University will not accept an appeal if your only concern is that you disagree with the ‘academic judgement’ of the marker/s or the Examining Board.

Remember: The standard deadline for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students is 10 working days and for postgraduate research students it is 20 working days.

For more information on the appeals process you can take a look at our online guide or contact the Union’s free, independent and confidential Advice Service by emailing


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