Get to know me: Student Opportunities 2022

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Name: Rachel Barwsie

Short introduction: 

Shwmae pawb! I’m Rachel/Rach/Barwise (she/her) and I’m your Student Opportunities Officer for the second year running – bit exciting! I was elected to be a representative of your voice for everything extra-curricular which includes sports clubs, societies and volunteering. My goal is that you get the best possible experience out of your time at university so if you feel like you’re not, we’ve got some work to do!

Tell us an interesting or random fact about yourself...

If you see me, there is a high chance that I will be in dungarees

Choose three words that best describe you: 

Colourful, energetic, Welsh

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu? & which 3 celebrity would you invite for food?

Mac n cheese, chips and garlic bread baguette with chocolate fudge cake or Ben & Jerry’s for afters.

Joining me I’d have Ruth Jones, Alun Wyn Jones and Rev Kate Bottley – I am certain that all would have incredible conversations over a cocktail

What are your hobbies or interests?

I love going to and doing theatre as well as having a good sofa moment watching a film on my ever-growing watchlist or Gavin and Stacey/Miranda for the millionth time. Last year, I also started to get into running – which I’m working on making a hobby!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Having just as an amazing time as I did last year, meeting and working with students to make university life the best it can be, and having fun whilst doing it!

What is your favourite Aberystwyth hangout?

Simply just sitting on the beach (North Beach is the best for sunsets, South Beach for bonfires).

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

I’d say a monkey because I don’t like taking things too seriously and I love having a laugh, or a bird (anything but a seagull) purely for the free world travel.

You are on your way to work on a Monday morning…what song comes on as your soundtrack?

I have a Penglais Hill Survival Kit playlist on Spotify. The first song on there is I’m Still Standing by Elton John, I feel like that sums the aims for the week rather well!

Name a favourite place you have visited and why:

I recently went on holiday to Barcelona with my friends from high school and since returning, I would happily switch my everyday diet to tapas and sangria in a heartbeat


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