Get to know me: Rachel

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Name: Rachel Barwise (Student Opportunities Officer)

Short introduction…

Helo, I’m Rachel (but probably better known as Barwise). I’m originally from Cardiff and I studied BA Drama and Theatre at Aberystwyth. As your Opportunities Officer, my priority is to help students get the most out of their university life as possible. My main focus this year is ensuring that our opportunities are accessible and inclusive to all students. I’m always open to have a chat, and I’m raring to hear your ideas, so feel free to email me!

Tell us an interesting or random fact about yourself...

I own quite a few pairs of dungarees…

Choose three words that best describe you.

Colourful, energetic, Welsh

It’s your last meal on earth…what’s on the menu? & which 3 celebrity would you invite for food?

To keep it local, a burrito, chips and mac n cheese from Mama Fays! Also, I’d invite Michael Sheen (with David Tennant joining via FaceTime), Elton John and Julie Walters – I feel like they’d be a good laugh!

What are your hobbies or interests?

Going to the theatre, watching films and catching up on TV (its as if just maybe I was a TFTS student?)

Why did you choose to stand for this role?

I loved my time as a student at Aber, especially being a part of societies, so I felt able to use that experience to develop Opportunities further. But, if it wasn’t for one of my friends ringing me one evening to encourage me to stand, I never would have considered it!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Working alongside students to get the best experience possible out of your university life, and having fun whilst doing it!

What are some of the causes you care about?

Accessibility and inclusion, period poverty, anti-racism, Welsh language, tackling loneliness

What is your favourite Aberystwyth hangout?

Nothing beats a simple beach catch up.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

I’d say a monkey because I love to have a laugh and have fun, or a bird because they get free world travel, and I feel like I could easily scare off all the Aber seagulls!

Do you have any out there traditions or strange superstitions?

Not really “out there” but during my GCSEs, I started treating myself to a hot chocolate after every major assessment or exam, and that tradition has stuck with me ever since.

What one thing do you think everyone should do/try at least once in their lifetime?

Watch Gavin and Stacey.

You are on your way to work on a Monday morning…what song comes on as your soundtrack?

I have a Penglais Hill Survival Kit playlist on Spotify. The first song on there is I’m Still Standing – Elton John, I feel like that sums the aims for the week rather well!

Name a favourite place you have visited and why.

I visited Venice whilst interrailing in 2018 and I loved it! You can get lost easily by turning down the wrong street, but that doesn’t really matter, because it’s all very pretty (and the food is amazing!)


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