Get to know me: Mared

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Name: Mared (Welsh Culture Officer & UMCA President)

Short introduction…

Hello, I'm Mared. I'm originally from Anglesey but now live here, in Aberystwyth. I have a degree in Welsh, Drama and Theatre Studies. I stood for the role of UMCA President and Welsh Culture Officer to ensure that students have the same amazing experiences that I had, through the medium of Welsh. I also want to show the rest of the students in Aber how special our culture is here in Wales.

Tell us an interesting or random fact about yourself ...

As well as being President of UMCA, I also have the privilege of being President of Urdd Gobaith Cymru, one of the largest youth organizations in the world.

Choose three words that best describe you.

Talkative, sociable, enthusiastic

It's your last meal on earth… what's on the menu? & which 3 celebrity would you invite for food?

First Course: Lobscows… the correct term for Cawl in Welsh;)

Main Course: Sunday lunch

Dessert: Rice pudding, with peaches not jam!!

The three celebrities I would invite are Julie Walters, Victoria Wood and Dawn French. Icons!!

What are your hobbies or interests?

Before Covid, I used to spend most of my free time volunteering with the Urdd in sports competitions, eisteddfodau, trips etc. Obviously I haven't been able to do much of that lately. I really like singing, walking and cooking, although that doesn't mean I'm any good at these!!

Why did you choose to stand for this role?

I have planned to stand for this role since my first year at University. I have been fortunate to experience 3 special presidents during my time here at Aber, and hope that I can step into their shoes and continue to develop the experience that UMCA has to offer our members.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to welcoming the freshers at the beginning of the academic year and getting to organize different activities for the students by working with other Welsh Unions across the country.

What is your favourite Aberystwyth hangout?

For me, it’s hard to beat the castle as somewhere to go for an evening stroll and watch the sunset… but I'm also very familiar with the Old Black Lion pub, of course.

If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Probably a monkey, because they are similar to humans but don't complain as much…

And Bananas are one of my favourite fruits, so win/win

Do you have any traditions or strange superstitions?

I wouldn't think of myself as a superstitious person, but would never put new shoes on the table or open an umbrella indoors.

I definitely don't believe in ghosts.

What one thing do you think everyone should do at least once in their lifetime?

Jam sandwich, Cheese, Grapes and Rich Tea biscuits! Don't ask how I came across this combination, but you’re missing out if you don't try it!!

That or skydiving. Whichever you prefer.

You are on your way to work on a Monday morning… what song comes on your soundtrack?

Pencil Full of Lead - Paolo Nutini. A cracker of a song that gets rid of the Monday morning blues.

Name a favourite place you have visited and why.

Patagonia - I was there for two weeks travelling across the country to the Welsh speaking communities there, and hearing the language with a Spanish accent was a strange but special experience. An absolutely unforgettable experience and I hope to go back there someday.


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