Freshers Advice from your 2023 SU Officers

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What are your top tips for any new students starting at Aberystwyth in September?

Anna - Take some time to settle in, so my top tip is to explore the town and seafront. Also, use your notice boards in your rooms if your in student accommodation: write down deadlines, to-dos and affirmations and stick them on there, seeing things written down is the best way of keeping up to date

Tiffany - Join a sports club or society because that is how you truly find your people.

Helen - Give most things a go that you’ve always wanted to do, whether that be a sport or club, picking up a new skill, it’s a great way to meet people and an even better way to establish an outlet for when adjusting to university life gets tough. The people you meet at university will become your support network, look after each other.

Elain - Make a list of all the events that appeal to you during freshers week and plan the week ahead of you. Go with plenty of pounds on nights out for the jukebox!

Bayanda - I would try something new; Societies and clubs will often offer the first few sessions free of charge. For example, American Football run a free minicamp during freshers.


How to make friends during Freshers?

Anna - Societies are the best ways to start making friends. But if societies aren’t your thing then try meeting up people from the accom/fresher pages and group chats. I’ve met some great friends that way. 

Tiffany - Go along to lots of Give It A Go sessions, go to lots of society/sports events and don't be afraid to try something new because everyone is in the same boat as you.

Helen - Make attempts to bond with your house or flat mates, common interests, maybe try and find a night to sit and watch a film to get to know them. Try and attend as many things as you can to get a feel for the kind of friends you want to make outside of your flat, its healthy to have friends that exist outside of your flat dynamic.

Elain - Make the most of all the events and activities that have been organised for you and join a tonne of societies. You’ll be sure to meet someone like you.

Bayanda - Definitely your housemates will be your first friends at Uni, after that joining a society or club is another great way of making friends and meeting people.


What is your favourite Freshers memory?

Anna - As I was part of the Covid year, we could only meet up outside. The English Department once gave us free lunch, and when that was over I got to take 10 packed lunches back to my flat. Fed me for days. 

Tiffany - Making new friends and going on socials

Helen - Despite it being covid, we still managed to get to know each other and our desk chair/ mop races and Pictionary in my whiteboard was a great way to do that.

Elain - Six man crawl during Freshers Week with 3rd year students.

Bayanda - My favourite memory of freshers would probably meeting new people and going out A LOT.


Any advice you would give to a Fresher?

Anna - Don’t set yourselves too high a standard. Freshers year is a year of growth and settling in. Enjoy your time and get to know the uni/town. Also catch the 3 or the X28 to get up Penglais hill (you’re welcome!) 

Helen - It’s okay to not still be friends with the people you meet during fresher’s week, if you find a group you truly click with.

Elain - Time flies, so make the most of every opportunity.

Bayanda - Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t fit in straight away, there are plenty of opportunities to find your place of belonging.



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