Elizabeth 21-22' Round-up

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My favourite memories from this year in my role start with Welcome Week in the Big Top, when us five officers hosted the fresher’s quiz. We were so happy with how many people turned up and how well it went as our first time hosting anything. Since then, I’ve hosted Superteams aftermath with Sabina and organised and hosted the annual Staff and Student Awards.

The Staff and Student Awards night was my proudest moment as it was nice to see all mine and the team’s work come together and celebrate the amazing members of Aber Uni and the Students’ Union. Hosting smaller evenings such as the Postgraduate cheese & wine evenings and the rep quiz and game nights are also good memories of mine.

One of the wins this year was interacting more with postgraduate students and setting up the Postgraduate Network. This is a first for the Students’ Union and something I hope to carry on and improve next year. Another win was writing the Student Submission for the Quality Enhancement Review. This is a review by the Quality Assurance Agency that the university has to take part in every six years and this year it was my turn to write the Students’ Union’s commendations and recommendations for the university. I am so thankful for the students who took part in the meetings for this review to happen.

I can’t wait to carry on working with students next year to keep improving student life at Aber and making it the best and most fulfilling it possibly can be


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