Don't Rush, You've Still Got Time!

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There are plenty of housing opportunities here in Aberystwyth, whether your focus is on private  or university accommodation. Whatever it may be, there is still plenty of time to choose the perfect place for you. Our Love it, Hate It, Rate it survey told us that 27% of students felt pressured to sign for a house early. So, if you are feeling pressure from providers, or struggling to make a decision in light of Covid-19, keep calm. Here at the Student’s Union our advisors can help you make a decision that is best for you.

From the survey, it is worth mentioning that 15% of students signed for accommodation between October and December, whilst 85% of students didn’t sign until the months between January and September, meaning housing will still be in abundance throughout the year. Taking your time to sign can allow you to really get to know what you want from a property, from the terms of the contract to the people you could be living with.

Particularly if this is your first year in Aberystwyth, you may have only really known other students for around 6 weeks; that is an incredibly short amount of time to know for sure if those you’re considering living with for the next year are a perfect fit. Make sure you’re living with students who will be supportive of each other throughout the year and that you’ll enjoy living with!

Remember that signing up for accommodation is a big commitment, and given the current environment we find ourselves in with Covid-19, I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions about what to do next. It’s important you take your time and make an informed decision about next year. After all, contracts are legally binding and very difficult to get out of whatever the circumstances.

But most of all remember, signing for accommodation is ultimately an amazing experience where you and your mates discover the place you’ll create lasting memories together for another year, so make sure you enjoy finding the right place for you.

All the love, Connor – SU Wellbeing Officer


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