Cameron's 2023 Round-up

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Well, that went fast… A year as Aberystwyth Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer.  

I have really enjoyed this past year. This role has given me the opportunity to explore myself, develop my skills and confidence, and befriend and work with some amazing people. It has also given me the platform to do two things that I’ve always wanted to do: raise awareness around Tourette’s and help Trans* people.  

One of the first things we did was the Freshers Officer Quiz. It was not only a great teamwork and friendship building experience, but I also realised that I love being on stage. It inspired me to put together a talk about Tourette’s for Disability History Month where I’d talk about the history of the condition, what it is, and tell my personal story. It was a huge success and confidence booster, and I hope to do it again in the future. 

Something I really wanted to do when I started was share my personal experiences to raise awareness and empower students, so throughout the year, I wrote blogs about Tourette’s, OCD, dyslexia, asexuality, fieldwork accessibility, what it’s like to be Trans, and a blog for eating disorder awareness week. I really hope these have helped some of you. They were a great creative way for me to delve deeply into my self.  

Along the way, I’ve been involved with a variety of other awesome and unique opportunities including visiting the Old College with the Officers, Celebrates, the Uni’s 150th birthday, the first Aberystwyth Pride in over 10 years, and wellbeing activities such as Dyfi Donkey and Guide Dog days for exam de-stress.  

Above all, however, my two personal aims were to help Trans* students in some way and raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome. My greatest achievement this year has been launching Beyond the Binary, a campaign to provide gender affirming products to students who need them. Getting this launched and seeing the requests come in, providing students with what they need, has made me incredibly happy. With the help of Student Services, too, the Trans and Gender Non-conforming Network has been created so that Trans* students can meet likeminded people in a safe environment. It’s been really great watching it grow. And finally, being able to create and share content for Tourette’s Awareness Month. I’ve really enjoyed filming the videos, talking about it has increased my self confidence so much.  

It's been a really great year. I really appreciate how unique this job is, I’m going to miss it. I’ve loved being part of this team of amazing people and I hope the new Officer team enjoys their time too!  




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