AberSU Covid-19 Fundraising Ideas

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As part of our Covid-19 RAG Fundraiser we asked Clubs and Societies for their ideas on how individuals and groups can do their bit to support our fundtaising goal.

Below are some of the examples they have suggested.

Run 5, Donate 5 and Nominate 5 – This now global social media trend sees individuals run 5km, donate £5 to a relevant cause and nominating 5 others. While this has already had a lot of engagement online, it is a really simple and fun way of engaging others at a time when many are taking advantage of opportunities to exercise. You could even vary the distance, amount and nominees to put your own spin on it.

Number Grids – A number grid makes a great alternative to running a raffle with little need to secure prize donations, and it only takes one volunteer to run it. Simply choose a total amount to give as prizes usually no more than 25-50% and number of winners usually 1-3 and use a random number generator to pick the winning numbers.

Download our template number grid below.

AberSU Number Grid

Spot the Ball Challenge – This requires a little bit of help from someone with experience of photoshop to do yourself, but is great for sports clubs (and we’ve got a few examples below to help you out). To begin, take an image of an activity with a not so obvious ball (or item) that can easily be removed as if it wasn’t in the image in photoshop. Next place a numbered grid over the image in such a way that the ball or item is central to a particular square and save this as your answer image. Finally create a version with the ball (or item) removed so that participants have to guess where the ball or item is. Again like a numbered grid, you can choose a set amount to give as prizes although they can only be one winner.

Download our example challenges below (we’ll update the answers in a couple of weeks time).

Spot the Ball Challenge 1Original / Answer

Spot the Ball Challenge 2Original / Answer

Spot the Ball Challenge 3Original / Answer

Spot the Ball Challenge 4Original / Answer

Virtual Quiz / Gameshow / Bingo – Activities such as virtual quizzes, gameshow or bingo have become common in recent weeks; these can be a great way to bring people together and raise money for good causes. Consider theming your event and be mindful of its length, many are often much shorter than what you would expect from your traditional pub version. The internet is a wonderful resource to support you, from quiz sheets to virtual bingo callers and cards, there is a lot out there to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Social / Night Out – Online socials/drinks have also become common in recent weeks. We’re aware of a number of groups already organising these, with some considering organising an online end of year awards. Inviting participants to donate a small amount or substituting a drink with a donation is a great way to contribute.

Donate whatever you're not spending money on – Whether its that extra round of drinks, a morning branded coffee, petrol to travel or having a haircut... many of us are not spending as much while restricted to our homes. Putting this money towards good causes is a positive way to contribute without hopefully putting too much strain on your finances.

Online Challenges (or Isolation Challenges) – A number of indviduals and groups have sought to create their own ways of challenging others within their friendships groups. One example of this is our own A-Z workout challenge which you can find on our Facebook page, where we challenged officers and students to workout to their role title or group name. A quick search online can find a range of other examples, from isolation beard growing to fancy dress challenges. The key with these is to encourage/nominate others to take part; if you’re doing it as part of a group, why not challenge another group (or even your SU Officers!).

We’ve launched a specific RAG Fundraiser to support local causes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have set an initial fundraising target of £1,000 through a crowdfunding page to support three local causes’ suggested by students including NHS staff at Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth Food Bank (Jubilee Storehouse) and New Pathways.

For more information or to get involved check out the article here.


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