AberSU Celebrates 2024: Societies Awards

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AberSU Celebrates 2024: The Sports and Societies Awards were held at the Students’ Union on Wednesday 1st of May.

These awards recognise the dedication of students to their Sports Club and societies, recognising contributions socially, competitively and professionally.

This year we received 528 nominations & the shortlisting panel met at the start of April to work through the nominations and make some tough decisions.

We would like to congratulate everyone that was nominated as well as those winning the categories this evening.

Congratulations to all!

Here are the list of winners from the Society Awards:

Academic/Course based Society of the Year:

  1. Phyte Club
  2. Scriptwriting
  3. Mathematics 

Best New Society:

  1. Jewish Society 
  2. Scriptwriting 
  3. Philosophy 

Biggest Contribution Award:

  1. ACV
  2. Jewish Society 
  3. Aber Crafts 

Committee Excellence Award:

  1. KPOP 
  2. ACV 
  3. Jewish Society 

Most Improved Society of the Year:

  1. Music & Band 
  2. Aber Cats 
  3. Car Enthusiasts 

Sustainability (Cultural/Social, Environmental and Economic) Award:

  1. Erasmus Student Network 
  2. ACV 
  3. Aber Crafts 

Welsh Culture Award:

  1. Curtain Call 
  2. Geography 
  3. Aber Crafts 

Society of the Year:

  1. SSAGO 
  2. Elizabethan Madrigal Singers 
  3. ACV 

Societies Person of the Year:

  1. Mira Wasserman 
  2. Charlotte Bankes 
  3. Senthil Raja Kumar 

Societies Personality of the Year:

  1. Joe Thomas 
  2. Rachel Horton 
  3. Rhianwen Price 


This is an extremely coveted award now with a maximum of 15 available to give out per year.

Full University Societies Colours are awarded to individual students who have shown continued outstanding dedication or made an exceptional contribution to their society.

The 15 winners for University Societies Colours are as follows:

  1. Amy Parkin
  2. Carys Spanner
  3. Charlotte Bankes
  4. Eryn Grigg
  5. Francesca Roberts
  6. Joe Thomas
  7. Mira Wasserman
  8. Olive Owens
  9. Patrick Bourne
  10. Poppy Gibbons
  11. Rachel Horton
  12. Rhianwen Price
  13. Senthil Raja Kumar
  14. Sophie Stockton
  15. William Parker

A huge congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2024 AberSU Celebrates Awards.

Da iawn / Well done from us all at Undeb Aberystwyth



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