Aber Super Challenge 21' Recap

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Over the 2nd term, Aberystwyth Student’s Union has organised a seven-week long Super Challenge series, which was aimed at engaging students in competitive activities. Due to COVID restrictions the event was an alternative, amalgamated version of the much loved Superteams and AberChallenge. Members of the student body were invited to take part in multiple challenges, trying their abilities and competing with one another. Each week seen two new activities, with winners receiving a voucher prize to a range of local and national businesses.

Types of competitions varied and included challenges of both skill and creativity. Our students participated in sports challenges, bake off, virtual games, scavenger hunts, and video creation assignments. Many of the events encouraged students to participate with friends, family and housemates; as well as encouraging them to explore their local area and get to know Aberystwyth in a greater depth.

We would like to thank all the participants for the great engagement and motivation. Below we are presenting the 1st place winners of each challenge:

Plank Challenge: Will

Jackbox Games Night: Holly

Strava Challenge: Edward
Fun fact: there were 44 participants for this challenge, covering over 735.5 miles/1183.67km

Video Challenge: Ellie

Bake Off: Lissy

1 mile x 4 Relay Men’s: Ben, James, Ed & Euz

1 mile x 4 Relay Women’s: Lois, Megan, Megan & Emma

1 mile x 4 Relay Mixed: Ben, Tifenn, Ed, & Emma

Scavenger Hunt: Sarah

Orienteering: Bruce

Trick Shot Challenge: Luke

Gym Test: Sarah

Congratulations to all the winners and those who took part, and a big thank you from the Opportunities Team to everyone involved.


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