Celebrating the successes and achievements of our students and sports clubs here at Aberystwyth University

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Most Improved Club of the Year is awarded to a club that can demonstrate improved success, spirit, and organisation. Importantly, this also includes a dedication to carry this progression for future years.

Aerial Fitness are this year’s winners of this award and for good reason. The club have excelled in self-growth and development, with their 350% increase in membership being representative of the positive environment the club creates. Members also mention in their nominations the sense of inclusion that the club has produced this year including non-binary and LGBTQ+ members finding belonging and a safe space to try out a new sport. The committee have worked hard to improve the progression and engagement of their members with the addition of new equipment and varied training, ultimately leading to an undeniably successful showcase held by the club which raised an impressive £1,140 for various charities.

Here are a few snippets from the nominations:

This year the president has introduced session plans, weekly schedules, implemented teaching and guidance in the sessions. In previous years the equipment has been set up and left to members to try things without guidance which led to a lot of mistakes. This year it has been smooth sailing and members have progressed so much quicker as our sessions are more disciplined, the online workouts have also added to conditioning and meant that members were much more confident and stronger when using the equipment.  Members have advanced so much this year that we have bought new equipment to introduce a new discipline (lollipop) to challenge and continue to engage the members and promote progression.
-Anonymous nominee

Rachel and the committee have worked so hard this year to make the club a safe and fun environment to improve strength, stamina and skill. Rachel has brought fresh ideas and completely turned the club around to give it more structure. The club has also began exploring extra areas in terms of offering showcases, photoshoots and the new addition of socials to make the club more of a community. The club engagement has increased dramatically and the outcome of this is a group of really strong individuals as shown by winning varsity this year.
-Anonymous nominee

Why not get involved yourself? Check out Aerial Fitness here: 
Instagram – aberaerialfitness
Facebook - @aberaerialfitness
Email – aberaerialfitness@aber.ac.uk
Website – www.abersu.co.uk/aerialfitness/


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