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The Committee Excellence award is granted to a team whose committee have gone above and beyond to work together and provide a range of events/activities for their members. They will have worked effectively as a team, had good communication between themselves and members, and put inclusivity at the forefront. They will also have actively engaged with SU events and activities; alongside building good working relationships with key areas of the SU.

Harriers, the winners of this award, stood out particularly with their nominations, not only being a completely new committee at the beginning of the year, but also the undeniable care and commitment the committee have shown to the club’s members. In particular, many nomination commend Oliver Clegg for his role as club president, showing excellent and considerate leadership as well as working closely with the SU to ensure Harriers had as many opportunities as possible.

Here are a few snippets from the nominations for this award:

The Harriers committee have worked really hard this year to ensure that it is the best year for all of our members, especially after the year was so different last year. 
Everyone on the committee this year was new, with most of us being second year and never really experiencing a proper year at university and seen what being in a club is really like. Also 3 of our current committee initially did not apply for the roles we have since filled.
That being said I think we have worked very well together this year, advocating our club fiercely to both experienced runners and new runners alike. Feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive and we have formed a close knit, welcoming group.
-Anonymous nominee

Why not get involved yourself? Check out the Harriers here: 
Instagram – aberystwythharriers
Facebook - @AUHarriers
Email – harriersclub@aber.ac.uk
Website – www.abersu.co.uk/harriers/


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