Celebrating the successes and achievements of our students and sports clubs here at Aberystwyth University

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The BUCS Team of the Year is awarded to a club who has competed exceptionally in their competition and represented the University well at national level furthering the reputation of Aberystwyth University.

With an exceptional performance this year, winning 9 of their 10 fixtures as well as showing great sportsmanship, the obvious winners for this award were Women’s Hockey.

The members of the club have reported not only their successes throughout the year but also their consistent development as a team both on and off the pitch. Members have mentioned the inclusive nature of the club, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to play, as well as constant motivation and dedication, ultimately owing to their success. Here are a few snippets from the nominations for this award:

Together, we have smashed this season! As of the moment, we have won each match, even winning 14-0 one match, and that may seem like I’m bragging, however during my first year (would count last year but we had no matches) we were not winning as many, and as a club we were struggling to motivate and improve. This year however, we all work together, we motivate and encourage each other and as a result we have done great.
-Anonymous nominee

The women's hockey club have excelled in their BUCS matches this year. Thanks to all players' dedication, ability and sportsmanship, the club have won every game that they've played. They have also made a conscious effort to give lesser experienced players a chance to participate in the league games.
-Anonymous nominee

We have won every BUCS game we have played so far, with wins including 8-0 and even 14-0, despite both of those games containing players who had never competed in a BUCS match before. All players are frequently encouraged to try BUCS games to promote inclusivity and development, and the good sportsmanship shown by the players combined with all the club’s victories further enhances the reputation of Aberystwyth University.
-Anonymous nominee

Why not get involved yourself? Check out Women’s Hockey here: 
Instagram – aberuniwomenshc
Facebook - @auwhc
Email – womenshockeyclub@aber.ac.uk
Website – www.abersu.co.uk/womenshockey/


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