Winter Brides Review


The Winter Brides are one of the Aberystwyth music scene’s most unique acts. Ellis and Anthony act as dual frontmen - the former plays accordion and the latter plays guitar. They recently treated audiences with a hypnotic opening set for Wallflower Safari at The Coopers Arms on the 7th of October. Ellis and Anthony’s music is a juxtaposition. The range of sound coaxed out of the accordion and guitar, accompanied by backing tracks, is a vibrant and theory-driven experience that clashes with their dark and spellbinding lyrics. Audience participation complements the folky skeleton of their songs. Their quippy monologues and song introductions create an interpersonal relationship with the audience. Listening to them is like being in on an inside joke. Their self-proclaimed ‘Bob Dylan-esque’ and ‘nasally’ voices work alongside the lyrics to create the band’s atmospheric performances. The gig at Coopers was a display of the band’s most endearing qualities, and they proved themselves as one of the most talented bands in Aberystwyth. The pair kindly allowed me to interview them before their gig.

Read the interview here.