Note From the Editor 19/01/2024

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There is a monumental year ahead of us. Monumental for Aberystwyth, for Wales and the entire UK, for the world.

News has never been so important. There is so much noise. So much uncertainty and anxiety. In such a connected world, forces within and beyond our control influence our lives in many ways. Staying informed is a necessity.

The committee here at the Mouth of the Ystwyth understand this. Our aim as a publication is to give Aberystwyth University students a voice – an opportunity to light the way and help others understand.

There is a human element to everything we publish. News isn’t just about facts. It is about people, a vibrant array of perspectives. We aim for unbiased reporting which retains its humanity. Our time calls for writers – journalists and poets and storytellers alike. Every Aberystwyth University student can feature in our publication. We publish:

  • News
  • Personal accounts
  • Sports reports
  • Reviews
  • Society features
  • Recipes
  • Short stories
  • Poetry

Our writers aren’t constrained by labels. You can write in multiple areas. We applaud and appreciate the writers who currently share their great work with us. We know that there are many other voices waiting to be heard. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email us at or email me at

Have a good year, and keep writing.

- Iestyn Tudor (Editor-in-Chief, Mouth of the Ystwyth)