Where are they now – Grace Burton

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Today we look at Grace Burton who was elected Education Officer in 2013-14 and again in 2014-15. Grace is currently Executive Assistant to the CEO and Founder of Benefex who provide employee benefits solutions to some of the country’s largest employers.

Why did you choose that role?

Because I thought it was integral to the whole reason we were there, to get an education we were proud and happy with. As a student, I saw lots of opportunity for change on my course and across the university so wanted to do whatever I could.

What are your favourite memories from standing in the election and as a Full-time Officer?

Frantically putting posters up at midnight under the watchful eye of campus security! In terms of an officer, I loved graduation week and fresher’s week because they were both such exciting times in different ways. Since I moved on from AberSU it’s great to see the work I did on postgrads who teach come to fruition! J

What do you think you learnt from standing in the elections and becoming a Full-time Officer?

Resilience and the value of hard work! On reflection, I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously. I wish I could have learned that a little sooner.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of standing in the elections?

Think carefully about the lifestyle! I’m sure there are ways to not let it absolutely ruin you but I certainly didn’t find them! Oh, and gorilla tape will make your posters indestructible.

If you could go back would you do it all again? If not what would you do differently?

Yes, and I think I’d do everything differently. I wish I’d known how to take it less seriously because I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders at times, I wish I’d had more fun with it!

If you could sum up your experiences in five words what would they be?

F**king madness and bloody tiring!



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