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Today we look at Luke Pettitt who was elected Campaigns and Equal Opportunities Officer in 2000-01. Luke is currently a teacher at St Davids College in Llandudno.

Why did you choose that role?

I had been running the Courier Newspaper and decided that rather than sit on the side lines I should get involved.

What are your favourite memories from standing in the election and as a Full-time Officer?

In both the role and the election it was the team I worked with.

What do you think you learnt from standing in the elections and becoming a Full-time Officer?

How to engage people positively and how not to!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of standing in the elections?

Be candid, open and honest. You to be an officer for the right reasons so share those reasons.

If you could go back would you do it all again? If not what would you do differently?

Absolutely but I’d treasure my time more and learn from experienced staff.

If you could sum up your experiences in five words what would they be?

Challenging, Hard, Fun, Eye-Opening


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