Introducing your Wellbeing Officer...

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Your Wellbeing Officer this year is Molly-Jean Longden.

This role focuses on making sure our students are as happy and healthy as possible.

Here is a little introduction to get to know her, what she studied & why she stood for the role:

Where are you from?


What did you study in Aberystwyth University?

Drama and Theatre Studies

Why did you choose to study in Aberystwyth?

The feeling of home when I first visited.

Why did you choose to stand for this role?

I believed that I could make a difference to the way the union and the university/local community work together to ensure the highest quality of health and social care possible for the students at Aber. I fell in love with this university when I first came here and wanted to make sure people still get those butterflies I got when I got here and that those good experiences still keep coming throughout the students' time at our wonderful university. So much in wellbeing is changing and I wanted to make sure that the students got the best voice possible when making big decisions.

An interesting or random fact about yourself...

I once crashed my bike so spectacularly I simultaneously laughed and cried!

What are you looking forward to this year?

Meeting so many new people and making sure they all get the best experience from Aber as they can!


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