Change in UMCA's membership system!

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Every Welsh-speaking student at Aberystwyth University will automatically become a member of UMCA this year. Thanks to the co-operation of the University, Aberystwyth's Union of Welsh Language Students is able to offer free membership this year.

It is hoped that this will ensure UMCA is open to all Welsh-speaking students, and will allow the Welsh language community to grow.

UMCA's President, Gwion Llwyd Williams, said this is a positive development for the Union - "I feel that this is a very exciting time for the Union, as we look ahead to the next academic year. It's important that all the Welsh language students are united, and this will allow the Union to expand and develop for years to come.

It's important that the Welsh-speaking community is supported in readiness for the re-opening of Pantycelyn as a Welsh medium hall of residence in 2019, in order to make the best use of this facility. This development will allow this to happen, and I'm looking forward to to the opportunity to run UMCA this year."

Gwion is currently busy preparing for UMCA's Freshers' Week, and he will be welcoming all the existing members back, as well as giving a warm welcome to the freshers. A number of events will be held throughout the week for the members.

Visit UMCA's Facebook page for more information about the week.



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